Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Certificate Program

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate Program requires the successful completion of any two of the following four courses.  A detailed outline for each course is available through the links provided.

  1. EMC Principles 3rd Edition (17, video-recorded lectures varying between 1 and 2.5 hours by Dr. Daryl Beetner)
  2. Grounding & Shielding plus Circuit Board Layout (20, fifty- and sixty-minute video-recorded lectures by Dr. Tom Van Doren)
  3. Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Design (40, fifty-minute video-recorded  lectures by Dr. Jun Fan)
  4. Computational Electromagnetics for EMC and Signal Integrity (38, fifty-minute video recorded lectures by Dr. Jun Fan)

It is recommended, but not required, that either the “EMC Principles” course or the “Grounding & Shielding plus Circuit Board Layout” course be taken before the “Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Design” course.

This certificate program differs from a typical EMC short course by providing:

  • Greater depth of presentation;
  • Numerous example problems discussed during the lectures; and,
  • Evaluation of performance through one graded final exam for each course.  The final exams cover the basic principles discussed in each course.  The exams are easy to pass by anyone who makes a reasonable effort to understand the course material.  The final exams are graded on a pass/fall basis and may be retaken if necessary.

A person can decide after they have viewed a course whether or not they want to take the final exam.  The final exam must be passed in two of the four courses to receive the EMC Certificate, but any of the courses may be taken outside of the EMC Certificate Program without the need to take a final exam.  

Why take this program?
Most engineers and technicians using or designing electronic systems have not had formal training concerning basic EMC principles, grounding and shielding techniques, or signal integrity issues. Learning how to solve these problems on the job can be very expensive for the employer and frustrating for the engineer. Most of the electromagnetic and circuit principles involved are simple. However, the complexity of many systems masks the logic and simplicity of possible solutions.

This certificate program presents an organized introduction to the fundamental principles, clarifies troublesome terminology, and demonstrates many techniques for identifying and fixing electrical noise and signal integrity problems.

Professional Development Hours 
After successful completion of the EMC Certificate Program, you will receive a certificate awarding a number of Professional Development Hours equal to the total number of lecture hours associated with the two courses selected.

The total fee for the EMC Certificate Program depends on which two of the four courses are selected. 
The fee for each course is:

  • $1,500 EMC Principles 3rd Edition
  • $1,000 Grounding & Shielding plus Circuit Board Layout
  • $1,500 Signal Integity High-Speed Digital Design
  • $1,500 Computational Electromagnetics for EMC and Signal Integrity

The fee for each course includes the video recorded lessons on DVDs, the lecture notes on a CD, and evaluation of the final exam for one participant.

Each of these courses is available without the awarding of the EMC Certificate. The fee for any one course, without the evaluation of the final exam and awarding of a certificate, is the same as for the Certificate option.  Each participant will receive the video lectures on DVDs and the course notes on a CD.

Time to complete the EMC Certificate Program: A participant should finish both courses within two years from the date of enrollment in the EMC Program. An extension of the completion time may be requested.


Video Course Cancellation Policy
Participants in the EMC Certificate Program may cancel their registration within 30 days of receiving the materials for the first course for a 90% refund. The refund will be given after all course materials have been returned. No refund will be made after 30 days.

No refund is available for those who just order the course materials and are not participating in the EMC Certificate Program.

Technical Contact:

Dr. Thomas Van Doren
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Electrical & Computer Engineering - EMC Lab
Rolla, MO  65409
Phone: 573-578-4193
Email: vandoren@mst.edu

Purchasing Contact:

Professional and Continuing Education
300 W. 12th Street, 216 Centennial Hall
Rolla, MO  65409
Phone: 573-341-4200
Fax: 573-341-4992
Email: pce@mst.edu