Credit Courses

Faculty-Led; Off-Campus Courses

The S&T student experience is not limited to the classroom — we strive to provide options for students to experience learning at many off-campus locations both in the United States and abroad.

The PCE Office works with a number of forward-thinking departments in offering its students off-campus, experiential learning courses. These faculty-led courses integrate classroom theory with practical application. For example: we have students who study architectural history in Chicago; take geology field camp excursions out west; learn intercultural communications in Peru; or immerse themselves in history and literature while traveling throughout Europe. 



Upcoming Courses

Intercultural Communications

January 1 – 14, 2019
(3 cr hrs)

Examines the range of human differences as variables in the communication process; emphasis on broadening individual perspectives regarding the range of human experience. Particularly useful for students who will work and live in environments unlike those previously encountered. Culminates in international travel to Peru in January. 

Course number: SP&M S 3235

Geology and Engineering of Ancient and Modern Peru

TBA (typically during spring break)
(3 cr hrs)

A study of the geological engineering of the Cuzco-Machu Picchu corridor, including the interrelations of geology, climate, archeology, and history. A week-long field trip to Peru during Spring Break is required.

Course Number: Geo Eng 2407

Cultural Psychology & Engineering Design in Italy

June 10-26, 2019
(6 cr hrs)

Examine how culture shapes human psychology and the design process as you explore Rome and Florence, Italy. 

Credit for courses Psych 4992/Mech Eng 1720